RTC-P System Overview

Hach’s off-the-shelf RTC-P System adjusts chemical phosphorus removal in real time, helping you meet phosphorus control limits while reducing money spent on excessive and unnecessary chemical dosing.

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Benefits of an RTC-P:

  • Achieve stable, desired effluent phosphorus values

  • Significantly reduce your polymer costs

  • Protects against influent phosphorus spikes to keep you in compliance

  • Simple installation and quick up-time (less than 24 hours)

  • A complete, best-in-class service package

Evaluation of RTC-P


The RTC-P optimizes the phosphorus removal processes by adjusting chemical dosing in real time through the continuous measurement of phosphate concentration and flow, allowing you to maintain consistent effluent phosphorus values and enhance your chemical phosphorus control system for unprecedented chemical savings.


Designed for treatment plants using chemical phosphorus removal or biological phosphorus removal with a chemical polish, the RTC–P System can be used for either open or closed loop control of chemical dosing based on influent or effluent phosphate concentrations. The system calculates the actual phosphorus load and triggers the appropriate chemical dose needed to meet the targeted orthophosphate set-point. The system optimizes treatment plants by reducing chemical consumption, reducing sludge production, and continually monitoring your loads to ensure the effluent phosphorus limit is in compliance. 


No SCADA? No problem! The chemical feed pump can be controlled continuously via a 4-20 mA signal or a dry contact relay output from the RTC-P. Both outputs can be utilized together: if the dose determined by the controller is below the pump minimum flow rate, the system will switch from 4-20mA control to relay control automatically.


Worried about automation? Don’t be. If the phosphate or flow input is disrupted, the RTC–P System automatically refers back to previously created profiles to ensure that effluent compliance is maintained until the signal is restored. That’s your process under control.


Included as standard in the system:

  • Instrumentation

  • Control module

  • Start-up commissioning

  • A complete service package including:

    • Hach technical support just a phone call away

    • Field service technicians at the ready for on-site support

    • Remote monitoring – we’ll send you regular reports on the performance of your RTC system

    • Commissioning support to get your system up and running, fast

  • End-user training

  • PROGNOSYS instrument diagnostics